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Please leave any questions that you may have on the VATSIM network in this topic.

Please only ask questions that are related to the VATSIM network for online flying such as connection problems, problems with SQUAWKBOX, FSINN, etc and any help that you might need on getting things like charts, getting the software you need to connect to VATSIM etc.

Any problems then let me or Joseph know.


I tried to join to VATSIM, but they said that they do not approve e-mail-addresses such as As I have an e-mail-address like this I couldn't make an account for VATSIM and therefore couldn't go online. So what e-mails they aprove and does it cost to make an account for that e-mail-address?

Yahoo & Hotmail they block cause of people just spamming the network....i know that they accept ISP emails etc, and i know they accept

Make an account there, its free and use that

OK, I made an account in, and I got the VATSIM account.
  Now I will go to flyyy

   Thanks alot for fast answer

Ok, another problem has occured...

  When I try to use Squawkbox, it crashes when it is fetching server info. There just reads in it's window "not responding". If I'm in FS2002 when starting sb I can't shut the simulator down and I have to reboot the computer without saving any programmes. I have deleted the sb and downloaded it again once, but the same problem still occurs
  I hope you could help me with this problem so I could get online..
             Thank you


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