IVAO User to help


Hi all!

I am a regular VATSIM user but have never used IVAO.

I know a little bit about IVAO and a tiny bitabout how it all works but not very much.

So is there an IVAO user that can help me out with IVAO related questions please?

I will try my best to answer them but unfortunately as I said I am very unsure about IVAO.

If anyone is willing then please let me know in either a private message or reply to this one

Thanks in advance


Hi Gareth,

I'm division director of the Swedish IVAO division as well as Supervisor, I'm sure I can help you. Almost all of the Swedish division staff hangs around these forum and all of the Finnish division staff are regulars here.


thanks Thomas that will be good.

It is beause as I have said I am on VATSIM and I do not know how IVAO works.


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