Disappearing trees in Swedflightsceneries

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At the surrounding areas around several airports (ESSA, ESSB, ESGG, ESMS and so on) in the Swedflight-packages I experience a problem with disappearing threes when the aircraft is a couple of hundreds feet above the ground. The three-masks are visible at ground, but goes away as soon as I get a bit up.

I`m using Fs2004 and have installed all the relevant updates.

Is it possible to fix this?


Jan Ove

any chance of a screenshot so we can see your problem please?



It is suppose to be like this. There are "walls" around the airport, like a wallpaper that has forest scenery in it. Looks great while you are on the ground but looks stupid when you are flying.  So I guess you should just be happy that the trees disappear.

It is possible to design scenery so that the autogen trees are not "killed" but it takes time, is sometimes painfully difficult and need some manual tweaks in the source codes.

also I find too complex autogen can be a big hit on your framerates as well

I have been modyfing the scenery and have autogen trees around the airport, but it looks weird on some places on the ground at the airport.


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