I've tried everything and i cant start my FS.
I recently formated my PC and when i re-installed FS I couldn't get it to work.
First i install the fs and when the install is over and i try to open it for the first time it crashes to desktop.
I re-installed the fs like 4-5 times, I even reinstalled my graphics card drivers but it still crashes to desktop.
One more thing, when i try to install the patch it crashes too!!! with an error message "Callback 0D"
why? why? why?  what have i done to deserve such a tragedy? 
please help i am desperate. snif

The only thing i have to say is... !"#!"#%!"#"#%#"&#&%!

After installing Internet Explorer Beta 2, Flight Simulator 2004 crashes to desktop.

This issue is due to an incompatibility between IE7 and Flight Simulator 2004.
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Browse to the Flight Simulator 2004 Root folder (Default c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\)

Find and delete or rename the file OLEACC.DLL

Restart Flight Simulator

strange this never happens to me

ive got the beta version of IE and no crashes

must just be me



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