Why Simulated Continental Airlines?



Simulated Continental Airlines is a simulated Virtual Airline for Flight Simulator enthusiasts who are fans of the real world Continental Air Lines ©. These days Virtual Airline’s are coming and going quicker than we all care to see. It is also obvious that we are not the only virtual portrayal of the real world COA. We believe in the fly whenever you want, wherever you want, whatever you want philosophy. SimCOA is a bit more laid back than most VA's. We are an extremely versatile VA, in that our pilots can make their employment with us as realistic as possible by flying real world routes on time in correct aircraft, or as laid back as they want by flying a Beech 1900 from their hometown airport to a remote strip in Alaska. Simulated Continental Airlines caters to all different types of virtual pilots. We proudly endorse flights flown on VATSIM, IVAO, FPI, and offline as well. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and strives to do whatever it takes to make your employment with us more enjoyable.

[size=18]Why should you choose SimCOA.org?[/size]

* According to our real world counterpart, Continental Airlines© , Simulated Continental Airlines is the ONLY  virtual portrayal of their airline to acquire permission from its legal department. Last week, our VA received permission and support from the Continental Airlines© Senior Attorney via certified mail and email. They even went as far as saying they were impressed with our site, and would support us in our endeavors.

* Stop by and visit our Crew Center. You'll be blown away by what it has to offer pilots before hitting the runway.The elaborate Weather Center is especially useful for your vital preflight needs. Have a stroll through the all new Flight Planning area and you'll never be left wondering how to get from point A to point B again! The Charts area will surely help you find your way around just about ANY airport in the world!

* Our Ventrilo voice server is constantly manned with knowledgeable staff members to assist with your needs, or to just have a chat. Our latest average is 9 pilots on at any given time.

* We have a cutting edge fleet standards department. All of our fleet is easily accessible. Each and every plane comes with a checklist, and numerous operating manuals. Every plane is a worry free, push of a button self installer. It includes the panel, livery, sounds, and aircraft. No more shuffling files and folders around for hours on end just to install a plane. All of our files have been tested countless times to ensure our pilots that they are the latest and greatest to be offered. Our staff checks for updates on a daily basis. In the coming days, the retro fleet will be completed, totaling our aircraft count to 58 different types of aircraft! Now thats variety!

* Filing PIREPS has never been more fun and easier. SimCOA.org uses a fully automated php system that has been hand crafted by our talented webmasters. Our pilots can file their PIREP via the web site or via the following other options. SimCOA is an FS ACARS/FS Log Supported VA, meaning your pireps can be filed with the click of a button and instantly sent to the site and recorded. We are also one of the VERY FEW VA's that is Certified by FS Passengers! Pilots that use this amazing program can automatically send PIREPS this way too with just a mere click of a button. check out the FS Passengers stats page on our web site by clicking HERE.

* Each hub page is loaded with a barrage if useful information. Our professional Domicile managers strive to keep these pages as informative as possible. check out the Cleveland Domicile by clicking here! While you're at it, check out the other hubs too! On the topic of hubs... its worthy to mention we have a Guam hub just as the real world Continental Air Lines © does. This hub provides nonstop service to many of the Micronesian Islands along with routes to Asia.

* Just as ARTCC's encourage our pilots to provide them feedback on their service, we at SimCOA.org like the same in return. Therefore, we have created an area for Air Traffic Controllers to leave feedback about our pilots! click here. Pilots with good feedback are awarded with accommodation ribbons and items from our very own gift shop!

* Gift Shop? Yep, we have one! Check out the Simulated Continental Employee Store by clicking HERE. Just another example of how Simulated Continental Airlines strives to be above the rest... Here you can buy everything from apparel to stickers, and more. Simulated Continental does not make any profit from this store...everything you see is priced at what the manufacturer will charge us.

* Our Events personnel is bar none some of the best around. We strive to keep our calendars updated (click HERE ) and keep our pilots informed about what is coming up (click HERE

* Statistics! We got em'! Everything from who the top rated pilots are by hours and flights to what aircraft is flown the most... and much more when you become a member! click HERE

* Check out our pilots flying section! When you view it from the home page it lists all apilots that are members of SimCOA.org flying... even on other networks! Whats even neater is when you go to the "more details page" it displays a world map with a plotter for every flight and listing all information about the flight that is clicked on! Thanks to ATA Virtual for lending us a hand in this! To see it in action click HERE

* Above all, we're a fun family of enthusiasts just like you. We would love nothing more than to have you at least stop by and pay us a visit. You'll find many more features not listed above about our VA that will make your stay with us nothing short of spectacular.


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