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Hello Bill;

I’m an ERJ driver and I use your panel for practice emergency procedures. In practicing Engine Fire/Failure/Severe Damage I need to reset the simulator repeatedly to the “Set Thrust” starting position on the runway. When I do this I lose all of my speed bug settings, the hydraulic pumps revert to off, and the fuel pumps revert to off. Is there any way to reset the simulator to the starting position without losing and having to reset these settings?

By the way, all the guys at recurrent ground loved your panel.


F/O Nolan Jones

American Eagle Airlines

I think I understand what you are doing: you are saving a situation as a "Save Flight..." to practice emergency procedures, and after the practice you want to try it again, but when you load or "Reset Flight", most of the settings are not returned from the saved state, as you mentioned. This, unfortunately, is because I coded propriety variables which are not saved ( however, FS's built-in course, heading, and ap altitude are saved). 
I have no ready solution for this problem, and I'm sorry about it. When I start updating this panel, I will have to add this feature.
It's heartening to hear that ERJ jocks are still using my panel for practice/recurrency. Amazing, since the first version came out 6 years ago and last upgrade 4 years ago.



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