Icelandair Virtual: New Website


Icelandair Virtual has opened a brand new website, we have been working on this project for the past 2 months, renovating the whole site from scratch with new layouts, graphics and interesting data, and now it's finally finished. With this new website we will hopefully attract more pilot's to come and fly with us, expanding our community and get more people active in the virtual aviation in Iceland. In order to achieve our goals, a cool website isn't enough. Changes and expansions have been made in the management of Icelandair Virtual to get more organization and spread the workload...and last but not least; have some fun while we're at it! Planning has already begun of adding new features to the website, such as Training Section, Navigation and the good old Cockpit will return to entertain our pilots. Release your parking brakes and start browsing through our new home, and take note that the site is best viewed with Firefox!

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