Please guys can someone help me although my fs9 is working i keep getting this error message.Ijust want to get rid of it so annoying.

it says fssound.dll



From Bill's and Nick's FAQ in the ERJ-forum a bit down:


When I begin FS2004, I see a error message about the sound module.
Add "FSSound.dll=1" under the heading [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg, which resides in "C:\Documents and Settings\"YOUR LOGON NAME"\Application Data\Microsoft\FS9". "Bill" is my logon name. Substitute yours. You have to search your C: drive, not the Documents folder on your desktop. Also, change the viewable files in the folder options section to see ALL the folders and files. If you do not find [OLDMODULES] in fs9.cfg, you have to add it yourself. Don't forget the brackets.



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