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Hi! I know how to make an ordinary flight plan, from airport to airport.
  But, how can I create totally own flight plans like adding all the intersections/VORs etc. for route that shows in radar.
   Like when I'm flying in VATSIM and they ask me to change the flight plan I have made in fs to waypoints ATC says. I don't know how to do that. Please help, thank you!

To fly on vatsim or to even make a decent/real flightplan the best program available is FS Navigator

You have to purchase this, but it is extremly worth it! A must have!

Or you could by the Jeppesen Route manuals and do it the real way

Martin Loxbo:

Or you could by the Jeppesen Route manuals and do it the real way

... which would be prohibitively expensive for most people.

Luckily, VATSIM has its very own flight plan database system, called EURoute, where you can find Eurocontrol approved routes for all over Europe.

OK, thank you, I think it will be FsNavigator, if any. It looks "easy" to use and is not that much money...

  But, another question... I fly fs2002 and I only have the GPS and map which shows Jet Airways and Victor airways.
   How can I see and use airways ATC tells me to use? Do I need another program for that? So I could put it on my Autopilot and it would guide me on it, or that it at least tells when to turn and where. Thank you again.


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