Throttle Problem


Hi All,

In the manual I read that the ERJ does not have autothrottles.  Throttles are controlled by the pilot.  However, I'm able to control the throttles using FSNavigator.  However, I can't get the autothrottle function to turn off.  During ascent to my cruise altitude I let FSNavigator control heading, vertical speed, and throttles.  Once I'm at my cruise altitude I disconnect FSNavigator and switch over to the panel's FMS system and let the autopilot fly my course using the FMS.  My problem is that I can no longer control the throttles manually during descent.  I have to use the SPD mode of the autopilot to reduce my speed.  Even with the SPD button disengaged the throttles will not respond to my joystick; they respond to whatever the speed bug is set to on the autopilot. 

I know my joystick works because I'm able to advance the throttles manually on takeoff.  Any ideas as to what's going on?

Brad S.


Well, I can guess that when you use an outside program like FSNavigator, and it's controlling the FS autopilot and autothrottle, it's now an FSNavigator problem. I can't guess why it's not turning off the autothrottle if it's also turning off the autopilot; the ERJ uses it's own routines for controlling autopilot functions, but autothrottle is not one of them.

Have you considered not using the autothrottle in FSNavigator?



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