long-haul flight



I have been flying around little airports in a little Beech 1900D lately, and I was bitten by the "fly Aer Lingus 747-200" bug (I had a dream about a 742 Aer Lingus EIDW-KJFK where I was the capt.) and I cannot wait to get off with the 747-200 and fly.

However, two nights ago I started the run from Glasgow (Scotland) and got as far as 5415N intersection before getting bored. I have FS2002 on a really slow system with a pathetic 1.5kb/s 56k modem!

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for making my trip more interesting. What times should I set off at to have as much fun as possible?

well that depends mostly on on your "tastes"

now... i like to make long hauls in pmdg 744 from CDG to OMDB,or TO KMIA

and sometimes i get bored but i got my pc just 40cms from digital cable and satellite 5000channels tv so nothing is more funny than this


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