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Hello, I am pretty new to Embraer. I fly for two virtual airlines Swiss (swiss-va.com) and jetBlue (cpavirtual). For jetBlue i fly the Embraer 190. I love that plane  . Are there any on the way? And if so, would it be possible to put jetBlue textures on it? Perhaps the 170 and the 190 are the same thing. Again I am new to this aircraft type.

Thanks, Dylan Whitmore


There are no Emb-170s or 190s available from Project ERJ. Dreamwings does have a freeware Emb-170 which is now in v.3 (with a new FDE at their site), but there is no Emb-190 available yet that I know of. There is also no accurate panel for either airplane, but the ERJ panel is close enough to use.

The 170 seats 70 and the 190 I believe seats around 100 (it's a larger airplane).

Somewhere, someone must be making these aircraft. They are too popular to ignore forever.


I agree, It's a great airplane indeed. I currently use one made by JRLucaring, but there are so many little bugs and you guys make such good ones .

Thanks for your help,


Anyone know if there is a GOOD E170 panel in the works..?  (payware or freeware)

The current freeware ones are ... well, simply bad.

yes there is ,...

we at Dreamwings are doing the 17x/19x series... with everything around.


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