Nordic Air Group - today 9 years on the net!


Dear fellows simmers!

Scandinavias first virtual airline is still active. Nordic Air Nordic Air Group (NOR) is celebrating on 04 AUG 2006 its 9th anniversary. Very few other virtual airlines can show such a continuous record of activities on the net. As most already knows, NOR was not only a VA, but also the first non-US based division of SATCO, the predecessor to VATSIM, and that once for whole Europe during our first year.

From Stockholm to Helsinki we moved in 1999, and also changed the until then just invented routes to real ones, by starting Transwede VA and LACSA Costa Rica VA. The rest is a history of success, over 500 pilots have during the years joined us, and still of them 350 are on board. Also the number of VAs has grown from 2 to 69, of which 65 are active due to the server crash of 2004 in which we lost 16 well done VAs.

But not just the 16 mentioned ones, but all our airlines are being refurbished, and new ones are all the time coming. Current huge historical projects are KAR-AIR and Republic Airlines, but many other too are coming at the same time. For those interssed in long-distance flying with a point of no-return and no alternates, we will be soon abel to offer V Atlanta Icelandic flights for Royal Air Force, between UK - Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands v.v with B747-200. But we have added a lot of just normal routes for the average simmer, you can fly with us on short hauls all over or around the world, also in and to/from Finand or Sweden n local languages!

For more info, please see our newest webzine at or from our main page with a link to the same!

Wishing all the friends of Nordic Air Group (NOR) a better 10th fligstimming year!

Hans Peter von Knorring
CEO, Nordic Air Group


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