IVAO: Neste Rally Fly-in @ EFJY, 16.8 & 20.8.



Neste Rally Fly-in @ EFJY

"Ivao Finland's second online event will be taking place around the Neste Rally Finland 2006 WRC race. Fly your virtual tourists on August 16th to see one of the most exciting rally races. On August 20th after the rally, come and pick them back home! Ivao Finland will arrange ATC coverage for your flights.

The base airport of the event is Jyväskylä (EFJY) in Central Finland, where Neste Rally takes place every year. First part of the event will be taking place on August 16th, starting at 16:00 UTC. Second part of the event is held on August 20th, also starting at 15:00 UTC.

For more information, like scenery and charts, please visit the fly-in's website at http://rally.ivao.fi/ .  Welcome to the Land of Thousand Lakes!"


Sounds great! I will definetly try to be there!

IVAO's Great!



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