ERJ panel installation!

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hi, im kind of new here and i need some help!!!! i just downloaded the ERJ panel which i think it is a great job from the pictures i have seen... i installed into my FS9 which went ok, now when i load the aicraft where i installed this panel there is this message that comes up


i have to click so many times to get rid off this message and when the plane loads up the panel is there but there is nothing to see.
i have read the README FIRST note and it says i have to make a change on the panel.cfg and i did that change and i dont get the message but instead i get a cessna panel instead of an ERJ panel...
i really like the panel and i would like for someone to help me with this problem.


The message you are getting usually means the panel.cfg file in the Panels folder can't find the ERJ.gau file in the Gauges directory. Did you do an automatic or manual install? Automatic usually takes care of this. Check your Gauges directory, or alternately erj.gau can reside in the Panel directory itself.

Your airplane must have either the panel files in the airplane's Panel directory, or (if using the auto install), the panel will usually reside in the FS9\Aircraft\fsfsconv\panel.ERJ_Grab folder. In this latter case, you then need to make an alias for the panel in the Panel\panel.cfg file of the airplane, which usually looks like alias=Aircraft\fsfsconv\panel.ERJ_Grab. Since I'm at work, I'm guessing at this, so look for an example in another panel.cfg file for confirmation.

Be sure to read the FAQ topic at the top of this forum for further help.


it has been asked millions of times ... the right way to do it is here:

... or follow the procedure in Bart's link.


HI there guys again!!!!
i just wanna thank you for trying to help me... i dont think my problems has to do with the Fsound.dll module...
i followed all the instructions to try to reinstall everything again, and im still getting that  FILE: GAUGE\ERJGAU.  message again....
its driving me crazy because i really like the work you guys done but i dont know what else to do in order to get it right...
do you think if i erase all the gauges of all the ERJ gauges i got under the gauges folder will help???
because i got some gauges from ERJ 170 since i also have that plane... or what else do you think it can be wrong?
i dont want to be bothering but i like the Panel and i want it to work so bad...
hope to hear an answer soon.


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