Problems With EFHN Landclass


Howdy All!

I just installed the ENTIRE FiSD Finland scenery package!  It all looks GREAT!  I think it's some of the best scenery that I have ever seen, even better than many paywares!  Incredible!  I wanted to start by saying thanks to those who created such beautiful sceneries and made them available to common folk like me!!!

I do have one question though if I may....  All airports work well EXCEPT EFHN (Hanko).  When I tried to load EFHN, it causes a crash to desktop (CTD).  I installed the 2004 patch, but had the same result.  Finally, during troubleshooting, I removed the Landclass file for EFHN and everything worked well!  The scenery loaded, but some of the buildings were half in mountains, etc.  I put the landclass back in and BAM!  CTD again..... 

Anyone else have the same issues?  Anyone know what's wrong or how to fix it?  The rest of the scenery is so perfect that I'd love to have this too!!!  Any help would be appreciated!!!




Thanks for your kind words.

It seems to be true, my sim crashes as well. If I remember correctly the EFHN is not compatible with FinnTerrain or the photoreal city is not compatible.

I don't know the solution, other than for time being do not install the Hanko photoreal part. The airport works well. I'll gove a Bamce a hint to read this thread, I guess he heas been on holiday and has missed this question of yours. 

Sorry, yes I did miss this thread, and thanks Tatu, for pointing it out to me. 

Actually i have not experienced that problem nor heard about it before. I guess I have to reinstall the old EFHN-version from scratch and see what happens. That scenery is, as Tatu pointed out, not compatible with FinnTerrain - the field is slightly in a wrong position and so is the photoscenery. If I remember correctly the photoscenery also causes a big grey square in the sea west of the town. The landclass file certainly has its part in this. A new, FinnTerrain compatible version (without the photoscenery, though) is in the works but I have no release date for it yet....

You say that the buildings are half in mountains etc. when the landclass isn't in use. That sounds curious to me, as there should be no mountains there - the Hanko peninsula is very even, without mountains, and the field is only 20m bove sea level. Do you have some add-on mesh installed for this area?  Also, the landclass file should not affect the mesh or the height of the buildings in any way. What files did you remove? Maybe you removed the flatten area file for the field? It is possible that the flatten could interact negatively with some other mesh if you have such installed...?

I will do some testing and come back to this issue....


Ok. Tested, and solved.  I installed the old version and the FS9 patch, and got the crash indeed. I did not install the photoscenery (the files that were supposed to be copied to the scenedb folder) as I know it is not compatible with FinnTerrain. By trial and error I then isolated the problem.

The solution to the problem is to completely remove the file named EFHNVTP2area_5.bgl from the EFHN\EFHNclass\scenery folder. After that the scenery should work as a charm 

Good luck, and keep your eyes open for the new version - it will be a true improvement to the old one... 



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