Take-off in Vagar with Avro ARJ jet


I would like to get some help from people familiar with the Vagar airport (very exciting scenery). I try to take-off with the Avro ARJ Jet as I understood this kind of aircraft was used by real ailines. However, as the runway is short, I cannot get realistic and safe take-off. Are there any special parameters (load or fuel quantity) to use?

Thanks and congratulations for the scenery (I never went to Faroe Islands but it seems very realistic and enjoyable)


Hi Pierre,

I don't know the airport myself and I only know the ARJ from the simulator but the only advice I can give to ge the ARJ off the ground in a short runway is as follows: Set the flaps a little more than usual (say 24 rather than 18 degrees) and then when you are ready to go, hold the brake as you increase the thrust until say N1 is between 50 and 60 so you get a better acceleration. Obviously your V1 will be determined my the overall load but this technique should help...


the runway is 1250 meters long which should be enough. It's about the same length as London City where Avro's operate on regular basis.

Oh right   no tricks needed there!

Yes well, I am no Avro expert, but I'd think that the normal procedure in short(ish) runways is just what you mentioned, at least the part that add full power against the brakes first.


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