Fix for a silent COM2 radio on Maule M7-260's


When I installed the great collection of Maules, I could not communicate on COM2. Had seen no reference to this on forums, so did a bit of fiddling and found a fix. This frees up the COM/NAV1 to display VOR info.

The Aircraft.cfg file had no [Radio] section, and I assume must default to a setup
having just a COM1 radio

Just added the following to Aircraft.cfg:

// Radio Type = available, standby frequency, has glide slope
Audio.1       = 1
Com.1         = 1, 1
Com.2         = 1, 1
Nav.1         = 1, 1, 1
Nav.2         = 0, 0, 0
Adf.1         = 0
Transponder.1 = 1
Marker.1      = 1

On restarting FS9 COM2 works a treat! Hope this is of help to others.



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