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Gentlemen good evening,

Please firstly allow me to introduce myself; I am Adrian Foot, President of the International Virtual Aviation Society (INTVAS).

My apologies at not coming on this site and responding to not only some very childish behaviour but also the valid questions and comments that have been made throughout.  I am currently serving as a Commissioned Officer with the British Army and am deployed overseas in Afghanistan.  As you can appreciate internet access is normally reserved for work purposes and contacting loved ones back home.  That aside I now wish to address the said issues raised above.

Firstly please let me apologise for the childish behaviour of a couple of members of my staff;  I will be addressing this personally.  The behaviour demonstrated in this forum has already clouded your vision and affected your opinions regarding the organisation overall and, again, I am sorry for this.  I urge you all to remain open minded and collected in your thoughts throughout my post in order that you fully understand the intention of INTVAS when I formed it, how the website was put together and finally what the plans are for the future.

Firstly the aims of INTVAS on formation.  I will begin by explaining my dissatisfication with the current online flying networks to give a grounding and provide some foundations for discussion later on.  I originally registered as a member of VATSIM having read an article in a Flight Simulator 2002 book.  I found the environment very tense and unfriendly for new members.  I also wished to be an Air Traffic Controller and didn't appreciate having to take exams and read lots of paperwork before being allowed anywhere near ProController.  I then found IVAO and registered.  Happy with learning ATC "on the job" I soon became profecient and reached the dizzy heights of Controller 2.  A friend, Andrew Berry, and I formed the Irish Division on IVAO and I personnally worked incredibly hard to create the website and ensure that it was highly informative for our members.  I also had many discussions with Erwin Lion regarding improvements to IVAO and pointed out many errors with the website and system.  Unfortunately a gentleman named Gustavo Hernandez didn't appreciate my work and would not allow me to become a Supervisor.  Not that this was a huge issue, I was shocked at his lack of reason behind the decision (SUP ratings are given automatically to Division DIR/ADIR once 'on trial' is removed) and was upset that so much hard work could go unnoticed.  I let it go and continued with my work.  I also posted many times in the IVAO Staff forum attempting to correct the 'attitude' of a number of staff who were complaining about members and openly having a go at other staff.  Gustavo again took issue and told me to not post as I was.  I told him that my posts were not personal and were directed towards bettering the organisation.  In the end Gustavo complained to the HQ team about my work and the President decided, on his own, to suspend me and remove me from staff.  As you can appreciate I was a little cross and left the organisation.

So to summarise where we currently are at; I have now been suspended from IVAO and am very annoyed at their decision.  I don't want to return to VATSIM because I'm still a Student1 and have little experience on their network.

So Andrew Berry and I decide that it might be good to perhaps form our own network and NVAS was born.  At this stage I would like to point out that I was 16/17 years old and lacked any solid programming experience.  That said NVAS was a fully functional network as far as people could connect and fly/control.  We didn't have any way of logging connections or much else because my knowledge was limited.  Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, NVAS closed (we had over 1200 members and an active network).

Later on, as I grew older and gained more programming experience, I still longed to form my own network and fill the gap between VATSIM's difficult and overly realistic approach (that is realism in place of fun and enjoyment) and IVAO's dictatorship.  I joined the British Army and became a Lieutenant and believed that I now was in a good position to undertake such a committment. 

INTVAS, therefore, was formed to provide the community with a network - similar in structure to IVAO - where they could easily transfer themselves, their ratings and experience in order to be truly appreciated, respected and valued as members in an equally fun but realistic environment.  I also noticed that no one network offered a solution to military pilots and so I created a new Special Ops section (you won't find this on any other network) and would allow ANY special operations mission (except for direct attacks on other nations) and would log time/promote people through our Special Ops ratings. 

The similarities that you've pointed out with IVAO are just that, similiarities.  What I find interesting is that you do not highlight the similarities between what was FPI and IVAO.  Unfortunately we all provide the same service and, as such, you will find similarities between us.  I do appreciate that we're VERY alike in the layout of our website compared to IVAO and this is something that I intend to address on my return from Afghanistan.  What you fail to realise is how different we are from IVAO/VATSIM.  I have already pointed out that our ratings structure is different, our staff structure is different, our network organisation is different and outlook is very different.

The website was designed personally by myself and was programmed ALL by myself.  It took me just over 4 months to code it all (I learnt and coded at the same time).  In no way whatsoever was IVAO hacked, or otherwise, to code the INTVAS website. 

Our plans for the future are simple; to grow and gain more members so that we are a viable alternative to VATSIM and IVAO for those who wish to fly in a different environment and for those who wish to fly Spec Ops missions without restriction or ridiculous levels of messing around booking weeks ahead just for an inflight refuelling mission.

I hope that this has helped you to understand where we're coming from.  If you still don't agree with our network that is your perogative.  I would, however, appreciate it if you would let us get on with it and we do likewise for VATSIM and IVAO.  As Anas attempted to point out, if IVAO have an issue with our website then they should contact us and inform us as such.  If you have an issue with our website or network then you should not choose to use it; it really is as simple as that.  I would politely ask you to refrain from these silly postings where nothing is achieved but a "slagging" contest and a fight of willpower.  If you truly wish to help INTVAS then please drop me an email and point out what you consider to be 'wrong' and we will do our best to remedy it.  Like I said at the very beginning, INTVAS is a network that listens to, and values, the opinions of our members.

Many thanks for reading and best regards,

Adrian Foot
International Virtual Aviation Society


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