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Author Topic: SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted  (Read 1920 times)
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SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted
« on: 30.08.06, 17:36 »

Just to let those who use the SimMarket website that you cannot trust the reviews on there. I paid for and downloaded 2 pieces of software that later
turned out to be complete rubbish and therefore wanted to warn others by posting a negative review. I happened by one of the product's review page and
found that my reviews had been wiped.

I posted a message to SimMarket, the contents being:

ME: I posted 2 reviews on products that were extremely unsatisfactory and the reviews were a warning to other potential purchasers, but the
reviews now seem to be missing from both products. The products are:


Could you please tell me where these reviews have disappeared to?

Tim Clayton.

SimMarket: Hello Tim Clayton,

i cannot tell you specifically but reviews are subject to review and may be deleted by the management or on developers request if they are
unfavourable to our businness.


ME: So if they harm your business or your sellers complain, you remove them?

SimMarket: you asked a question that we have already answered in our first reply.

satisfactory or not to you, this will be the only answer you will receive, there will be no further communication with you on this matter.

Not the nicest customer support I have ever come across, but their message is clear and I wanted to make sure people are aware of their "review policy".
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Sami Puro
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Re: SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted
« Reply #1 on: 30.08.06, 17:42 »

Generally speaking - obviously the reviews are done by persons who have bought the product from SimMarket and then later come back to review them. And if someone would not have bought it from SimMarket, I really doubt if he'd find his way to their site to make a review of it. So firstly, it's about the visitor demographics and that cannot guarantee a fair review always. And I guess that most likely a user who is very happy about their product will most likely comment and make review about it.

And besides, it would at least ring my bell everytime a shop has "reviews" which are supposed to be "independent". Or a site has big links below the review "buy this product from our shop" or similar. In such case it sometimes may get tempting to give higher scores and cut the bad things out to enhance the sales numbers.

But if they really censor the reviews by cutting all bad things out, then it's more alarming. I have not looked at their site however, but can you guys find ANY negative reviews there..?

edit: Yes, I was able to find also bad reviews.. Look at Perfect Flight's products for example.
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Re: SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted
« Reply #2 on: 30.08.06, 18:02 »

I agree, there are some bad reviews (but not many). However by the sounds of it, if Perfect Flight asked SimMarket to remove the negative ones, they would. So it's Perfect Flight's fault that they're on there!
Tatu Kantomaa
Patu Cantona
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Re: SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted
« Reply #3 on: 30.08.06, 18:33 »

I looked at the CAPTAIN KEITH - SCENERY ADVENTURE PACKS VOL 2 product... there was a video + some screenshots. I personally would be very alarmed right away, but I do have experience from scenery making, so I am not sure how all this looks to a person who hasn't done any sceneries. Anyway... Costa del Sur, Montaña del Halcón and Poco Lago, are three fictitious airfields in volume 2 this is the first thing that makes me doubt... you need a lot of creative work to find a nice place for a fictious airfield and then create a nice feeling to the airfiled as well. LAGO's Emma Field is the best and I haven't really seen anything like that since, fictious airfields that is...

Then the idea... if you know the flight sim well you would know that it is difficult to do any adventures or missions (in FS2004) because the sim is meant just for flying. It is no problem to create some fire effects and put them around the scenery, but what to do with and to the fires is a different thing.

So... this is not meant to be so negative, just pointing out that it is a good idea to ask about "unknown" sceneries before buying in different sim forums for example. You can always review these sceneries in the forums, if you do it correctly without blaming or using bad language etc. then there should be no reason to delete that kind of posts. We have warned each other in the finnish discussion area many times about Perfect Flight or some other badly done and expensive software.  Smiley

'Don't panic'
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Re: SimMarket reviews cannot be trusted
« Reply #4 on: 05.09.06, 16:06 »

I'm new here but thank you Tim for your warning.  I shall not shop there.  I am not surprised they cut your review & am amazed they didn't offer you a refund.

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