I use the FSpassenger and when ever I depart from EGPF I get penalty points for running off the runway even though this is not the case does anyone have any tips as how to correct this ?? is it the AFCAD that needs alining???

It must be the AFCAD file. If you have install an add on scenary on the specific airport then it is almost 100% the afcad that causes this. You have to look and find the right afcad for the airport and your problem will be solved. I had the same problem with LEIB (Ibiza) add on and i tried almost 3-4 AFCADS until i found the right one.
Now if the airport you mentioned is the default one then the problem must be from the fs passengers and for that i dont have any solutions but to reinstall it :S
Anyway I hope I helped you and good luck with your problem


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