Malmo Airways Potential


Hello to everyone and to all a wonderful morning or evening.

I would like to first state that I am not recruiting pilots or looking for an easy way to sign them up either.

I've noticed that a while ago there was a post regarding Malmo Aviation and that was a "hot" topic and many people got very excited and a few stern warnings were given by the moderators; as I don't wish for any arguements to happen here I'd like to outline why I am posting.

I've been working on an airline called Malmo Airways, i've set up the initial front splash page, with options in five different languages; English, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian & Swedish to view the entire website. What I was looking for was other persons/people who would like to help me develop a quality inter-scandinavian regional carrier operating on a hub & spoke system, with potential to expand into continental Europe, Asia & the America's.

The plan is for most major cities to be serviced by an Airbus & all minor spoke flights operated by Q400 "Malmo Airways Citilink" anyways I don't intend to bore anyone, but if you would like to develop a high quality virtual airline please let me know through this forum or PM myself and I will respond accordingly.

Pleasant day to all 

Finnish as well, my fault it was late at night

Nils Herngren:
Sounds very interesting. It's always more fun to fly for smaller airlines.


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