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I am very happy to say that we(Adam Gilliand and I) have got the go ahead to setup Flybe virtual! We had a very quick response from the Flybe management team which were very easy to work with. The site will be viewed by a member of the airlines management before going live to make sure we arent interfering with the real airline. After this good news we are ready to get started. Below is a list of staff that we are appealing for;

WebmasterFor this position we require previous experience of working with websites. We also require that you are able to install automatic systems, login systems e.t.c.

Human Resources Director (HR)
This position does not necessarily require previous experience. More so it requires patience. You will take and handle applications from new pilots, you will also be responsible for keeping a good atmosphere in the VA.

Operations Director
The operations director will be responsible for updating all the routes the airline fly and keeping them up to date for our pilots. We most likely will accept several people for this job and assign hub directors.

Fleet Director
The fleet director will be responsible for keeping the fleet for the VA up to date. It may involve repainting aircraft but at present most repaints are available from avsim or flightsim. You will also be responsible for gathering together a fleet and making it available for our pilots.

Training Director
As training director you will be required to train all our pilots to fly our aircraft and become familiar with ATC procedures which they will need to fly on VATSIM and other online ATC networks. Again we might accept more than one person for this job and assign them to certain aspects of training.

Events Director
This person will have to organise monthly events on VATSIM for our pilots to get together and fly. This will involve planning the event, writing up details for our pilots and making a banner to advertise the event.

Thanks for reading and if you feel any of these positions suit you and you are interested please email us at

Great to see a good British Airline starting up!



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