helicopter VA?


Is there any VA, what is using helicopters?

Hi !

Glad to see someone interested in helicopters

Here's a few tips:

I'm sure u can find a few more. Think US Coastguard and US Army etc has VA's, google around !

Last but not least, if u are into helicopters u have to visit the no.1 helisimsight: http://www.hovercontrol.com/
They have a lot to offer, acft, panels, scenery, tutorials etc.

Good luck !

Anders J.

or a german heli-ambulance VA

VA-Luftrettung which is a partner of the international ICARO-Group.   

Yes we have one also for passenger opertions, under Greenland Air VA, with the big Sikorsky S-61N, avl for FS2004. Look at http://www.nordicair.org/gl/. I wish you will like it, there is also other copeter models coming, some flights you can do with the basic Bell 212, but the Eurocopter is coming too. Otherwise the VA has jets and turboporps. Lot of airport info avialble with pictures form all over Greenland.


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