Steve Irwin Has Died


Shocking news that broke this morning;

The famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin was tragically killed by a Stingray when diving in Australian waters.,,30000-1232859,00.html

Stingray's although have venom, are not poisonous to kill a healthy man, but this type of sting ray had a sharp 'barb' on its tale which pierced his chest and slit his heart. Air and Sea rescue teams were launched but he was pronounced dead enroute to hospital.

Only one known person has been killed by a Stingray in history, and this was in 1945.

Simply a tragic death.

Steve was most known for his dare-devil antics, and catchphrase "Crikey!"




Nils Herngren:
He was a great guy, very very famous and beloved here in Sweden. My favourite Australian!


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