Tupolev 134 nose



I downloaded a Tupolev 134 a while ago and I have seen a Tupolev 134 photo somewhere (airliners.net). I have noticed that as opposed to a conventional nose made out of aircraft material, it seems to be made from windshield material (i.e it is transparent). Apparently, this is where the navigator sits.

Why did Tupoelv do this? What would happen to the poor indivdual sat in the greenhouse in the event of a crash or gear failure?

As I have understood it everything manufactured for the civil use in the old Soviet Union had to be done so that conversion for the military use would be easy. I don't think it has anything to do with navigation.

What would happen to a poor guy? I don't think we would like to think about it...

Nils Herngren:
Must've been fun sitting there during takeoffs and landings.


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