Air Belgium September News Update


1.   Rotate Magazine
2.   Winter Schedules
3.   Aircraft Orders
4.   Job Openings

1. Rotate Magazine:

We are very proud to present to you the first edition of our magazine. After months of hard work and several postponings we are now finally able to present our 60 pages full of interesting content. We would like to thank everyone that helped to make the magazine what it is today and of course we hope you will enjoy it!

Download as ZIP-file or view online as PDF-file

2. Winter Schedules:

Every year Air Belgium changes itís schedules on 2 dates, 1 may for the summer schedules and 1 October for the winter ones, and since we are nearing October we will now give you a short overview of the changes.

The biggest change can be found in our Africa flights, we have completely changed our setup there to improve travel convenience enormously. We now fly daily to Dakar (Senegal) with a continuation to Conakry (Guinee) 2 times a week, to Banjul (Gambia) 2 times a week and to Monrovia (Liberia) 3 times a week using A330-200 equipment. Douala (Cameroon will be served  3 times a week with a once weekly continuation to Yaoundť (Cameroon). Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Freetown (Sierre Leone) will be served twice weekly and Entebbe  (Uganda) will be served thrice weekly with a twice weekly continuation to Kigali (Rwanda) and a once weekly continuation to Luanda (Angola) all with A330-200 equipment.

Our flights to Chicago and  Addis Abeba/Nairobi will be upgraded to A330-300 equipment and Hong Kong, Tokyo, Denver and Johannesburg will be serviced by A340-600 aircrafts from now on. Our Stop over of our Brussels ĖAuckland flight will be changed from San Fransisco to Los Angeles continuing to use B747-400 equipment while the San Fransisco flight will now be flown by A340-300ís. Our Flights to Tel Aviv and Cairo will also be upgraded to B747-400 because of the big demand.

The remaining MD11ís will be taken out of Service and their flights will be taken over by A340-300 equipment in most cases, we will also be retiring 3 B747-400ís, 1 A340-300, all 3 A300-600R and send 3 A330-200ís to other divisions. The last MD11 flight will be AJ431 Dhaka Ė Brussels leaving Dhaka at  11:00 on Sunday 30 september and arriving at Brussls at 14:50 on Sunday 1 October, last A300 flight will be AJ3133 Rhodos Ė Brussels on Saturday 30 september. We will also be scrapping a few loss making destinations and cutting frequencies on less performing destinations. We will discontinue our flights into Lima (Peru), Quito (Equador), Houston (USA), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) and Jakarta (Indonesia). We will be cutting our frequencies to Accra (Ghana) and Lagos (Nigeria) to 6 times weekly, To Caracas (Venezuela) to 4 times weekly and to Bogota (Colombia) to 3 times weekly.

Leisure will be taking over the route to San Jose (Costa Rica) with a once weekly A330-200 while switching the Cabo Verde flight to A330 equipment. Orlando will be launched as a new daily destination and Phuket will be launched once a week all using A330-200 equipment.

During Winter the Leisure flight plan in Europe will differ a lot from our summer flight plan. A lot of typical summer destinations are being scrapped and replaced by new winter destinations. During the winter we will be flying daily to Salzburg and Innsbruck from both Brussels and Dublin and daily to Rovaniemi in Finland from Brusdels using A320ís, while Grenoble and Chambery will be launched with daily CRJ700 services from Brussels.

Because Air Lambert Ceased operations last August this has had a big influence on the Air Belgium Uk flights. After a lot of our passengers where stranded after the cancellation of all the Air Lambert operated UK flights we did our very best to rebook our passengers on other flights and sometimes even carriers to get them to their destination in the shortest time possible. For our winter schedules we have found some more definitive solutions, we will be relaunching services into London Heathrow, 4 times daily from Brussels using A330 and A319 equipment and twice daily from Dublin using A320 equipment. We reduced the Brussels-London Gatwick flights to twice daily using A319 and A320 while launching twice daily services from Dublin using CRJ200 equipment. We also reinforced our service to Edinburgh, twice daily from Brussels with A319 equipment and thrice daily from Dublin with CRJ200 equipment. From Dublin we will also be flying twice a day to/from Glasgow and Berlin Tempelhof with a CRJ700 and twice daily to Birmingham as a new destination using A319.

Since Eireflyer will receive 2 ex-Air Belgium A320ís we will also be launching feeder flights to/from Cork and Shannon, adding second daily flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin and Rome and launch a new once daily Lisbon flight from Dublin.

Connection will increase itís flights from Antwerp and Luxembourg by adding a twice daily flight Antwerp - Berlin Tempelhof and launching a new twice daily service Antwerp - Geneva. From Luxembourg we will be dropping our Gatwick route but increase our Frequency to London city to 3 times daily and add a second daily Milan Linate flight.

Thanks to the more optimal use of our equipment we will be launching second daily flights to East-Midlands, Clermont-Ferrand, Bergen and La CoruŮa from Brussels using CRJ200ís. We will also be launching twice daily services to Bratislava, Newcastle and Bologna and once daily services to Florence and Genoa from Brussels using CRJ700 equipment. And for our short shuttle flights from Brussels to Frankfurt and Paris Orly we are able to increase the frequency up to 6 times daily, increasing the possibilities for business passengers on our comfortable CRJ900ís.


3. Aircraft orders:

After a meeting with Airbus earlier this month, we decided to change our order for 10 A380ís into 7 A380ís for passengers services and 3 freighters al to be delivered throughout 2008. The 3 freighters will be used to expand for our new cargo division which will be launched soon using 3 A300-600F and 3 B747-400BCF.

We also exercised 10 of our options for A320 family planes and will be receiving 5 A319ís, 3 A320ís and 2 A321ís all powered with CFM engines. These new A319 and A321 planes will be used to retire our older IAE powered A319ís and A321ís at Eireflyer while 2 A320ís will be used to expand the Eireflyer fleet and 1 to expand the Air Belgium Leisure fleet. Deliveries are planned throughout 2007.

We still haven't made firm order for the A350 or B787 to start replacing our A330/A340 fleet as of 2015, but we are currently investigating both possibilities to make sure we order the aircraft that fits our needs in the best possible way.


4. Job Openings:

Flight operations CoŲrdinator Eireflyer

- knowledge of the Irish market
- good in long-term plannning
- Photoshop knowledge is an advantage
- Good knowledge of english

What do you have to do?:
- Daily managment and promotion of Eireflyer
- Assist and help Eireflyer pilots
- Long-term planning of Eireflyer

PR-representative German

- Native German speaking
- good in writing texts
- Photoshop knowledge is an advantage
- Good knowledge of english

What do you have to do?:
- Present and promote Air Belgium on German Fs forums and events
- assist and help German speaking Air Belgium pilots

PR-representative Other Languages

- Preferably native speaker of any language other than English or Dutch
- good in writing texts
- Photoshop knowledge is an advantage
- Good knowledge of english

What do you have to do?:

- Present and promote Air Belgium on Foreign (non English/Dutch) Fs forums and events
- assist and help  non English/Dutch speaking Air Belgium pilots

Apply and Contact Us

That was it again for this month, you can be sure to receive some new and exciting news next month!

Air Belgium - Eireflyer is a European virtual airline operating from hubs in Brussels, Luxembourg, Dublin, Antwerp, Liege and Ostend using a fleet of Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing aircraft across the globe. For more information please visit


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