auto-pilot in the MAULE 7 ???


message in a bottle : who can help me
 I cannot succed in finding how to activate the auto-pilot in the marvellous MAULE M7-260 by MIKKO; there must be one, since there is a switch NAV/GPS mode... I already re-installed the whole package, without finding more...
 who can help me, it is really frustrating  not to be able to use all the capacities of this beautiful aircraft (huge congratulations to its author !!)

Nope, no autopilot.

You can go to Reality XP site: and download and install S-TEC System 50 Autopilot, they have used that in real life too. If you need help getting the gauge to the panel let me know, I have in my other computer and can post the needed line for Panel.cfg.

Thanks TATU;
I'm going to try this...the thing being to keep close to the reality, I think it's not un-real to use an auto-pilot on a Maule.
But what I do find strange is that on Mikko's modelisation, the switch for NAV or GPS auto-pilot flying exists on the panel, ant it seems to me I read somewhere there is an instrument panel, named ACU...something, allowing to switch on these modes..., it is in the documentation, but it never appeared on my screen 

No it is not unrealistic to have an autopilot in Maule. These are the lines for the autopilot in 2d panel, add them to the Window.01 in Panel.cfg. Mine is in Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Maule M7-260 panels\Panel.3 folder

gauge19=RealityXP_AP50!AP50,  594,610,140,140
gauge20=RealityXP_AP50!AP_Switch,  577,575,17,45

Check that the gauge numbers are in order from 00 to whatever you have as a last gauge.

This should be the autopilot I linked earlier from RealityXP. RealityXP has also a better model of the same Apollo GPS etc. that comes with Maule. 


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