Problem with Angelholm scenery.

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Hello everybody.

I downloaded and installed the ESDB scenery and the fix for FS9. I believe you can see clearly the problem in the pictures attached. Can anyone make this polygons disappear? Thans in advance.

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My specs are: Athlon xp 3200+, MB: Asus A7N8X Deluxe, 1GB Kingston ram, Sapphire Ati X1600 pro AGP, Win XP pro with SP2, FS9.1

It looks like some textures is missing. Have u tried to reinstall the scenery?


Yes I did. I even redownload it. The problem is that I don't know what sould be there and the archive names are in swedish or numbers so I have no idea what to look for.

Nils Herngren:
I have that scenery, with no problems whatsoever. Sorry dude

Well it wasn't hard to guess what is missing as there isn't usually any else polygons that look like that in the simulator, so those should be trees. Here is also a screenshot that I took.

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It looks like there is a few tree textures in the ESDB scenery's folder, those are named Träd.bmp, Träd_FA.bmp, Träd_SP.bmp, Träd _wi.bmp. If those filenames look strange on your computer this is how those should look like:

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I don't know much of scenery making but I was wondering that word Träd contains a scandinavian alphabet and if your computer doesn't support a scandinavian alphabet can your simulator then find a corresponding texture? I think that it can't.

As we have some scenery makers in this forum I think that someone can give a good answer to that. I really think that there is no other way to fix that except to give a e-mail Lennart and ask for a small fix.


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