Binter Canarias ATR72-500


Mikko J Virtanen:
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To get some feedback, I desided to post a link to my topic at Finnish Discussion-area to here also.
So, the flight is Binter's flight from GCXO Tenerife Los Rodeos to LPMA Madeira Funchal with Flight1 ATR 72-500.  The commentary is Finnish, sorry about that.

To the pictures:,57512.0.html

Ps. Sorry about making two posts.

No problem, you can also translate the commentary into English over at the Finnish board so that you have 2 languages  for both readers

Nils Herngren:
Nice pictures bro! Could you give me a link for those watertextures of yours?

Mikko J Virtanen:
The commentary is ins english too now.
And Nils, the watertextures can be found from with a filename "". The textures are a bit candy, but i like them.
And thanks for comments too.


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