Swiss Virtual Airline.


Good Evening

We are now proud to present that on
Saturday the 30th of September at 1600z
Swiss virtual Airline open up the doors for
the Scandinavian department.
We are going to be a part of the Swiss Virtual Airline
but will deal with the members located in Scandinavian
and help them to get started with online flights and flights
for Swiss Virtual Airline.
As we speak we are finishing up with the details on the website
where you will find all the information of Swiss Virtual Airlines
in Scandinavia.

The thought is to stick to IRL flight, such as CPH - ZRH, ARN - ZRH
and back. Offline flights are allowed but we prefer online flights on all
the networks.

Out STAFF in Scandinavian our for the moment.

General Manager for Swiss Virtual in Scandinavia: Victor PedersÚn.

Assistant Manager for Swiss Virtual in Scandinavia: Niclas Wistrand.

Agent for Swiss Virtual in Sweden: Mattias Svanholm.

Public Director: Martin Jonsson

Flight Planning and Support in Scandinavia: Steve Mattsson

We are now recruiting for more STAFF members for positions as:

Agent for Swiss Virtual in Denmark: Valid

Membership Manager: Valid

Event Manager: Valid

So, do You feel like You want to fly for a well organized
VA so join us now
More information will be valid on Saturday
Until then you can check out our homepage at

With flying friendly greetings // Victor PedersÚn General Manager for Swiss Virtual Airlines in Scandinavian. 

Good evening. I send little info about us just now.

We are working with the homepage and as it look like now it should be done 17:00 Zulu time local Swedish time on saturday the 30th September.

We are still looking for staffs. The ones who still is free is Event Manager and Membership Manager.

For more information go to our site

Vi hope that evrything will be done untill tomorrow at 19:00 local Swedish time and as many as possible will join us in the future.

We are comeing with more info about the site and more when we have started.

Best regards..
Victor PedersÚn, General Manager for Swiss Virtual in Scandinavia.

Ladies and Gentlemens. The Swiss Virtual Scandinavian homepage is online.

Please enjoy


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