Kris Bulldog:
What programs produce the best screen shots and what are the best editing programs (freebies please)

Grab-clip-save is good for capturing the screenshots. It takes one each time you press the "print screen" key and stores them as numbered jpeg files in a folder of your choice. It's free.
I need to use graphics programs at work so I have Paint Shop Pro 9 but of course it's not free. The only free editor I know of (apart from the one embedded in windows) is IrfanView but I've never used it so I don't know if it's any good or not...


Irfanview is probably the best, it does reside in memory but has no effect on frame rates at all and it will give the full glory of your 8 fold AA in the image it produces..

YAFSScreen for screenshots and Gimp to edit them.  Both are good and more importand FREE


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