Pushback- turning the plane


Kris Bulldog:
When you get the plane a pushback and need to turn the tail i click 1 or 2 but it doesnt turn why is this and can anyone hlp me

Hi. Do you press shift p then after a wile 1 or 2? or do you press shift P1/2 thogeter. if you press like the first i sayed its wrong, try shift P1/2 thogeter. if you do that and it still dont work i dont know whats can be the problem. try checking your settings if thats the case. Hope this helps you

Best regards//Martin

Mikko J Virtanen:
If it doesn't help, then you have a very common bug which prevents you from using the "select 1 or 2". If you can normally open more than one door with those keycommands, then you don't have the bug.
I have the same bug and what i have heard, so does many other people. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Kris Bulldog:
Thanks i will try it out


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