Innocent Skies "Celebrating Carefree Flight!"


Greetings flight sim enthusiasts!

We have lift-off! I'm very excited to announce the launch of Innocent Skies "Celebrating Carefree Flight!", a website developed to celebrate the hobby of flight simulation.  At you can see my homebuilt simulator, as well as numerous other features that I hope will be resourceful, enlightening and entertaining to flight sim hobbyists like you.  Visit the site to see what exists under the titles of Aviators Lounge, Briefing Room, Reality vs Simulation, Resources, Sim Disassembly, & B-17 Waist Gun Simulator.  Some very special ideas are advocated through the theme and content of  Please provide feedback so that I can make each visit better for you.           

The community of flight sim hobbyists has been very welcoming and helpful to me over the years.  I'm glad to provide the Innocent Skies website in return.

Thank you to everyone at FS Nordic.

I welcome you to ,

travis; a proud nordicman from the very Nordic state of Minnesota, USA.


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