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Hello Friendly Nordic People.
I am pretty new to flight simming and am just starting to be able to land something without leaving flaming debris all over nice clean runways. I live in San Luis Obispo, California way out on the west coast of North America. We have a couple of Saab 340s (American Airlines) that go in and out of here to Los Angeles on a daily basis. I thought it would be a nice idea to have one for FS 2004 so I started looking around. First thing I find is Mike Stone's model. Nice AA livery. Then, I run across the mention of the Freeware Flight Group. Hoo boy, there's an 340 and AA livery......but it uses the Baron Panel. Phooey. Nowhere do I find a panel for the 340...except here, there is one for FS2002.
What happened with the Freeware Flight Group?? Did it just burn out? How did you folks get linked to their old forum?? Is there ANY WAY I can get an accurate panel for their Saab 340??
Thanks for any info.

Nils Herngren:
Why dont you just use the one here, it looks great in my opinion, and it should work for fs2004 aswell!

Okay. I'll take a crack at it. Sometimes, stuff that works in FS02 works in '04 and sometimes you are left with naught but grief and pain for promis'd joy.


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