IFR Creation


Kris Bulldog:
When you select a flight it becomes an ifr and you get direction (heading altitude etc) but is there anyway you can create one of these. I tried by clicking the ifr button when creating a flight but it doesnt give instructions (same again) anyone know how i can get fs2004 to do this?

Mikko J Virtanen:
I'm not sure if i understood correctly, but here's "quic" instructions to create and fly IFR-flightplan.
1. Start Fs2004
2. Select the preferred aircraft from the list
3. Click "create a flightplan"
4. Select the departure airport and the arrival airport by clicking the correct buttons.
5. Choose the type for routing (I usually use high altitude airways/VOR)
6. Click "Find the route"
7. Choose the corretc altitude from under the map which just came in front of you and make possible changes to the plan from the right
8. Click ok
9. Click yes from the pop-up (unless you are activating a flight plan during a flight.. you don't want to do that because it will move you to the airport selected on 'departure airport')
10. Click fly now!
11. Tune to the correct airports Ground (which means the same as delivery)
12. Request IFR clearance.
13. Do what ATC says (squawk code to transpoder, altitude to autopilot etc.)

Now the IFR-flightplan is active and you may ask taxi instructions etc., depart normally towards the altitude to where ATC cleared you when requesting IFR clearance. After you've climbed to.. ..say about 1000ft, atc will give you to departure, continue climbing runway heading and soon ATC will give you instructions to turn/resume own navigation. When you are cleared to resume own navigation, then you are on your own until atc will ask you to desent in some point (OR if you get off the course,  ATC will correct you back to track).

Sorry about the long list

Kris Bulldog:
Thanks but how do u mean tune into ground, as i normally would or a differemt way? 

Nils Herngren:
he is refering to "Request IFR clearence"


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