FSX: San Fransisco, Palm Springs and the Amazon!



I thought I'd post some screenshots and thoughts about FSX. I added my Megasceneries into FSX and I was happy to find that they worked flawlessly! Ofcourse There are no cars on the roads, but I think that can be fixed with a little fiddling with one of the SDKs. I was a little bit ubhappy to see how bad the "blurries" still are, however. ACES have managed to iron them out, to some extent. However, I had to wait even up to 5 minutes for the ground textures to catch up for some of these screenshots. I'm also having a few other graphical glitches. It seems that ACES was in a hurry to get the simulator out.

Despite these imperfections, I have enjoyd Flight Simulator X very much! I can't seem to go back to FS9. FSX is so alive and full of detail, I simply love it! I've been mainly flying the missions. They are great fun whilst waiting for my favorite addons to be patched up for FSX. If ACES patches the sim up, it would be nearly perfect, in my opinion.

I tested my Megasceneries with a short flight from San Fransisco International to Palm Springs International.



Climbing to flightlevel FL320.

The CRJ700 virtual cockpit is really beautiful!


Descending into Los Angeles's airspace.

Approaching KPSP.


Taxiing to the terminal. All of the moving traffic have sounds.

I also flew the Amazon Trek mission which turned out to be great fun. The funniest mission so far has been the flight to Area 51.

In the Amazon Trek mission you have to fly supplies to archeological sites in the jungle.

Once again, a brilliant virtual cockpit!

The floats had to be lowered for the water landing.


The archeological site, indicated by the green arrows.


The female archeologist is very excited; she has uncovered the location of the secret temple of the Anaconda. She wants you to fly her there.

The temple turned out to be a pretty scary place.

I propably shouldn't tell any more for those who don't have FSX yet, but the temple comes with a little curse.

I'm really having fun with these missions. Some of them have unexpected turns that really pump your adrenaline up. People have been complaining about how these missions are arcade: well, you shouldn't take them seriously. They are meant to be fun!


They are meant to be fun!

Exactly, Great photos! seems like you had a good time there  . Stunning mountains at L.A and Palm Springs, looks fantastic!


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