FSX Great But Too Expenisve

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Kris Bulldog:
I myself was thinking about investing in a copy of fsx deleuxe edition but when i saw the price i was so suprised. Its not like microsoft to do such a thing like this its basiclly daylight robbery 


Its not like microsoft to do such a thing

Erm...Have you not seen the price of other MS products? Windows, Office etc

Kris Bulldog:
What i meant was its not like microsoft to price "A GAME" at that higher price 

Hmm in all fairness they dont release many PC Games....but look at the price of Xbox360 games....49


its basiclly daylight robbery 

You have to understand that MS includes the WHOLE world, not just a few limited maps like other games do. Also, there are 24 000 airports, tons of roads & elevation data. There is LOADS more content in FS than in any other game, and IMHO, with a very good price. One can pay up to 50 for a game here in Finland, which is only 10 less for what I payed for Flight Simulator X Deluxe.

Besides, a real Flight Simulator enthusiast does not care about the price anyway!


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