Qantas b737-800 livery for FS X

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A couple of screenshots from my latest livery in Qantas livery, for FS X


try it here

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Looking nice.. On a general note though can somone explain to the untechnical why we cant have wonderfully sharp bitmaps on the planes fusealge such as I managed in fs9..

Even if i run the sliders completely to the right once i get close they get a little unsharp... Is it just because we are only seeing skinns at the moment and the models will only support so much, in other words we are going to have to wait for some good third party work..

Kris Bulldog:
Hi i think the pics are really good. Can you tell me where you got that my travel plane i really want one and have been looking for ages where to get it.

Hi Kris Eagling
 try this link to get hold of a mytravel airbus for microsoft flight simulator.  or this link

the one on my site is for x-plane and just a livery (repaint for another plane that I made for x-plane.
Try this link for x-planes. Itīs a big download site.


Hi Dan Collison I think you can do what you are looking for in the settings menu and under Filtering. There is a posibility to make a setting adjustment there. (Anti-Aliasing)

Kris Bulldog:
Hi Peter

I have downloaded it from the flightsim website how do i install it into the game?


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