Virtual Cockpit not in function

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Hello Simulator experts,

what am I doing wrong? I downloaded for FS 2002 the Boeing 737-500 from fs-nordic with Lufthansa texture.
Everything is working well. But when I switch to the sight "Virtual Cockpit" I am sitting without any cockpit in the air. It seems, that I would sit behind a wide sceen which is implanted in the front side of the Boeing having a fantastic view to the landscape like a bird. But I would prefer to have a virtual cockpit in front of my nose, like in the standard version of the B737 of FS 2002.
Can anybody help me to solve the problem?

Klaus (from the EDDM-aerea)

Most downloaded planes, dont have the virtual cockpit view im afraid

Thank you for your quick reply. Joseph. 
Is there any technical solution, to combine the virtual cockpit from the standard Boeing with the downloaded plane?

Sorry to say it, but no. The 2D panel is a panel seperated from the model it self. This means you can put a Bell 206 2D panel to a B747 IF you like, but the VC is incorporated with the model. This means that the lack of a VC is a result of that the designer didnīt make one.

So, if you like to fly in VC mode, look for "VC" in the text describing the plane your about to download.
This is most often mentioned IF there is a VC included in the model.


Thank you for your detailed answer, Anders

I was a little bit disturbed, because I have another plane with the old Lufthansa-texture (blue and chrome) which has a virtual cockpit implanted. So I supposed, that I made a mistake by installing the white plane.



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