New planes for Flight Simulator X

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Hi everyone!

Does anybody know how can I load new planes to FSX?
Is that even possible? The planes in FSX are good but I want there more different planes like it was in FS 2002 or FS 2004...

Thanks to everyone for help..

Simply add them into planes in sim objects.. Some planes will have problems with the gauges or panels though in that case just assign a different panel

Hi Sim friend,
I've just installed the NAMC YS11 from fs2004 and I fly itin FSX. BUT BECAREFULL!!! some planes have an atc color id  with a number in it in the aircraft cfg file. Delete that line and save the .cfg If you don't your cumpeter will probally crash like mine did a couple of times befor I realised what was going on. For the rest: put your plane in the sim objects folder under aircraft, place gauges in the gauhes folder effect in effects etc. And fly your bird. (some gauges may not completely work as they used to, but it isn'nt easy to compare with fs9)

Hi Guys!

It would just be great if there were some different aircrafts available, that would be complete up to FS X standard. After all, it's not just a matter of gauges: The FS X models use models that greatly improves the surface look of the aircraft (something about an alteration of the alfa-channels in the graphics).

Personally, I look forward to some full-bread FS X versions of aircrafts from SAS and Maersk Air (Yeah, this guy is Danish ).

Hi every1

I saw FSX in PC World on 18 Oct (my birthday). I nearly bought it but a "Great Planes" box fell off the shelf (I was looking for MS Office XP Pro - priced stupidly so I didn't bother). I read a lot of hype about FSX, but since the FS2004 monologues decided "no way".

Two years ago, I snuck a CRJ 200 (Wilco) pack into it and it didn't have a wobbly (it was designed for FS2004) apart from the panel going nuts but the Lear panel is better. I am wondering if I can sneak in FSX planes into FS2002 without it going into meltdown.

Are FSX planes compatible with old FS2002 and do the "new default" (like the 747 and 777) textures work in old FS2002 (FS2004 ones did)?

Thanx for reading this.


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