Control problem. With an heli.


Hey all. I have an problem. I just startet using FSX Bell 206B. But when i trie to flye straight and level. It has an tendasi to  go to the left. And if i flye foe an lon time, it canbee hard on the hands to hold the rudder an little bit to right. I have an Sitek X52. I have only that problem with those choppers from Mircosoft own. Is there an way to a just it.

Best regard Moten Starck

Is it possibel to slow down the tail rotor. Because i found it maybee the rissing, that i have t flye an a angel.

I donīt have the FSX but I belive you can adjust the torque settings in FSX as in FS9. If you locate the settings and then decrease the torque maybe that "normal" rotation decreases?


Hi Folks

I'm told for normal flight as IRL
you should set your torque to 70%.

You'll then find
you're not having to constantly apply forward pressure to the stick,
or to apply excessive yaw correction.



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