Problem with joystick


Hi i have a problem with my joystick, which is the SpeedLink Black widow. I can not calibrate it. Well i know that speed link is a hmmm very respectful company but the problem is quite serious. First of all even if it is a Vibrating joystick it doesnt vibrate , i mean at all not even from the game controllers manager in the control panel :S then the joystick is TOO sensitive, and by that i dont mean that i starts to cry every time i touch it () but that even if i move it 1cm to the left the aircraft starts spinning like crazy to the left grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anyway i checked the drives and when i downloaded the drives from the site of speed link and i tried to update them i got a message that the drivers are up to date. The same happend when i tried the same thing from the windows device manager
Anyone has an idea of whats going on? Or how can i manually update the drivers?

Ps. joystick sensitivity in the fs options is set to minimum



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