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Have a question regarding take off and settings that you do before take off. I have an issue when i take off from runway...
I usually do the take off manually, i set hold altitude, rate of climb 1800 ft/m, hold speed, hold course and then activate the autopilot. But i disengage the hold altitude button and the hold course button during the first stage of the take off and fly the plane manually (if you can call it manually). However, when i reach an altitude of about 2500ft - 3500ft i then engage the hold altitude.

But here is where i have an issue, the plane goes into a steep dive and the trim goes down and after a few seconds it goes back up and set it self at 1800ft/m. I canīt figure out how to set the trim proparly on the ground before taking off. Donīt missunderstand me, i set it correct at 1800ft/m, only one way to do it, but, i canīt calibrate the needle to go up directly to 1800ft/m from the beginning and not go down. It always goes down and then back up to where it should have been from the beginning. Is it just me or am i doing it all wrong or should i do the take off in another way,  how can i solve this issue. Itīs annoying....

Please give advise on how to solve this issue. Any help is welcome.

Thank you

Hi Daniel

Try this. It is for the standard boeing 737-400 in fs9

Settings as follows:

vert speed:  1800

Altitude: as desired

Ias/mach: 250  ( normal standard below 10000`)

hdg: As desired  ( I notice that you are using course! If you mean the course setting, that is not for the direction of flight, but for navigational use, and for ILS app`s. )

Autothrottle: Arm

Flightdirector: On

Set flaps: As desired ( normally 10 - 15 )

Trim: Take of ( usually in the mittle, or in the green zone, if you are flying more advanced add on`s)

Autopilot settings:

Alt: on

Hdg: on

Release brakes

Push Ias button ( let the auto-throttle bring you up to requested speed )

rotate at approx 130 - 135 kts

After take off, follow the flight director ( the little square dot in the red crosshair ) to 1000`, and then engage autopilot.

Raise flaps gradually, according to speed and load.

Lean back and and relaxe

Order coffee

If you are flying more sophisticated add ons, there will be quite a few extra things to take care of

Hope it could be of any help



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