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V-Bird VA: Dare to be Different!

V-Bird VA is based on a real, although now defunct airline. We're a young VA that is continuing to grow and expand to meet the needs of our pilots. We enjoy reality in our flights and demand that our hobby is and remains to be FUN!

If you can offer us the desire to fly, preferably on IVAO, and a minimum of one flight a month, we can offer you:

Our divisions:

Passenger, Cargo, and Express Division.

Our fleet:

Airbus A320-A330-A380
Boeing B737-B747-B767-B777-B747-747F and MD11F
Fokker 50, 70 and 100
ERJ 135 and 145
CRJ 200- MD90

Our hubs:

Amsterdam, Boston, Niederrhein, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and London Stansted for our Airline Division.

Our Cargo Division currently has Manston, Amsterdam, Boston and Singapore as hubs but more hubs are coming soon!

Our Express Division has Rotterdam and Cleveland as hubs


V-Bird VA offers you various tours and online events. You can also post Buddy Flights - often members of our community will join in on the fun! On 1 January 2007 we will kick off our 65 leg World Tour 2007 with an online event (first leg).

Have questions or need some help? We offer our community members the following resources:

Technical Pilot Airbus - For all Airbus questions.
Technical Pilot Boeing - For all Boeing questions.
Online Flying Co-ordinator - Organizes online events.
Pilot Trainer - Helps community members that prefer one-on-one guidance.
Pilot Education Centre - An online database of useful documents.
Monthly Newsletter - Delivered to your email box every month!

More is coming so visit our web site (www.vbirdva.com) and join us today!

Watch our promo http://www.vbirdva.com/fspromo.html

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