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Alpha Blue:
Greetings Everyone.

We are a Virtual Airline that aims to help those of low experience on Microsoft Flight Simulator divided into 5 Parts:

Main division that is based in the UK (Belfast, Blackpool, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, & London Gatwick), using Boeing 737-800, 767-200, 777-300.

Based in Sydney Australia operating Fokker 100, Airbus A320, Airbus A340-600.

Based in Toronto, operating Airbus A321 and Airbus A330, with an ATR 72 turbo prop on the way.

Based in UK (Belfast, Cardiff & Harwarden), using Airbus A310, 737-300 and BAe 146.

Newest Division based in the USA (Orlando, Palm Springs, & Pittsburgh), operating Boeing 737-700, 757-200 and MD 87.

We have made this divisions to offer as much choice to our pilots as possible. We have an active forum which our members find important, and also run Online Flying Sessions.

Full information about us is available here:

The rest of our website is available here:

We hope this has helped some of the Flight Simmers out there.

Happy Flying 

Alpha Blue


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