Nintendo Wii

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Kris Bulldog:

Just pre-orderd my nintendo wii along with Zelda Twlight Princess just wanted to know what any of you thought of the console or if you have got or pre-ordered 1?

Kris Eagling 

Wii looks cool with the type of control, but the power inside the Wii is not so impressed.
Im a xbox fan so I have an xbox1 and xbox360 premium.. for all that have an xbox360 go and get Gears Of War!! very good game! I also purchased the Call of Duty3 and Rainbow Six: Vegas to the x360 yesterday, but this weekend I work so I have not open the game case yet:) but tonight I will play all the night! (works 3 nights from today so then I have many hours to fill).

/Philip Nordlander,

Nils Herngren:
I'm waiting for PS3 

Kris Bulldog:
PS3 wot a joke its way way way to over priced and keeps being pushed back. I am not getting ps3 it is a waste of time 

Nils Herngren:
It'll be released here soon, and prices will be far lower then they what they are now. It's certain. Also the games are much better and the platform itself has better hardware


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