Helsinki AFCAD and FSNavigator


Hi to all,
I'm brandnew in this forum, hello and "GrŁezi" from Switzerland 

I have installed Airport EFHK under AddOn Scenery (FinnTerrain and FinnClass as well).
Generate a flight in FSnav Helsinki to Oslo; problem with Export to FS9. Departure EFHK
shows more less gates as the AFCAD File (AF2_EFHK.bgl). If I move the mouse (in MAP) over
EFHK, it shows me AF2_EFHK.bgl as  active    AFCAD file.

No idea what could be wrong.

Thanks in advance

Just a guess: Check that you don't have duplicate AF2_EFHK.bgl files active. Only one afcad file at a time is allowed.


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