Level of altitude in Flightsimulator X?


Hi folks

I'm new to this forum. Hope everybody's having a nice time. In christmas spirit? Well, I was wondering.
How high can I go in Flightsim X ?
E.G. an ordinary aircraft can't get into space for obvious reasons. Why I ask, is because I saw this: http://www.captainsim.com/products/s001/

Actually an aircraft CAN go into space...with a little help of our friend - the Slew 

Hi again folks.

Well, I've answered my own question.

I got the Flight Simulator X deluxe version, so I slew'd my aircraft. Suddenly I found myself in space.
My reaction when I passed the 100.000 ft mark was, WOOOOOW

So I took some pictures for you to see. I'm calling the collection: Cessna In Space 

Aircraft: Cessna C172SP Skyhawk
Place: Over Roskilde Airport, Denmark
Altitude: 1.320.000 ft. (exactly the same altitude as The International Space Station)

You can see the following countries:

1. Norway, Sweden and Finland

2. Italy, Spain and Great Britain

3. Great Britain

4. Denmark

ENJOY, and have a merry x-mas and a happy new year.


Hmmm... now try setting the TAS to orbital velocity. If the atmospheric model and physics model are both right that far out, it should work. Somehow I doubt it though...

I hope you rememberd  your  space suit!!!!!

evidently the altitude goes uo to a million feet in FSX.

Havent tried it yet though.




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