Tallinn FIR Experience! 29-30 DEC 2006


The Tallinn FIR Experience is a VATSIM event held by Estonian VACC and our aim is to promote our small country worldwide and invite more pilots to find us as a great choice for their destination. The event will take place on December 29-30, 2006 from 1500 - 1500 UTC time and the main air traffic control stations will be manned for 24 hours. All ATC stations in Estonia will be online on the main hours and small airports will be closed only for the night time. All the ATC service will be provided from one room and the facilities are kindly provided by Copterline Estonia.

More information available at http://experience.estvacc.net/

Awesome! I will do my best to show up! I was doing some spotting at Tallinn Ulemiste in July but I've never been there in the sim, so this is a great oppurtunity to visit beautiful Estonia!


Sounds like fun, I'll make sure to be there!

//Niklas Kull


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